Our CSR commitments

Polytropic & CSR

Aware of the need to be an actor of a more sustainable economy, Polytropic created its CSR committee in 2020. This committee defines the actions to be implemented on the 7 pillars of CSR:

• Governance of the structure
• Human rights
• Working conditions and relations
• Environmental responsibility
• Fair practices
• Consumer issues and protection
• Communities and local development

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Our labeling

In 2023, in order to formalize its approach and obtain recommendations from an external point of view, Polytropic chose to collaborate with the Positive Company label.

This label, made in France and recognized at the European level, is one of the most demanding in the world and has allowed us to assess our level of CSR commitment. In addition, to obtain the label it was necessary to establish the company’s carbon footprint through the company Sami.

The label obtained with one star out of three certifies that the company has taken into account environmental and societal issues in the exercise of its missions and in its relations with all its employees, partners and suppliers: the reward for our commitment and our CSR ambitions!

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Our employees speak out

“The company is strong in its human values: benevolence, ethics, honesty, accessibility and availability of managers, open-mindedness, etc. It is also in a positive dynamic, due to its significant growth in recent years, which creates a positive and exciting atmosphere at work. (employees)”

“A French SME on a human scale that has been very successful in the face of European competitors. (employees)”

“I am proud of its constant quest for ecological and energy innovation (employees)”


Our 2023 CSR report

For several years now, Polytropic has been committed to a global CSR approach, both through its products and its internal policy.

Discover our vision and objectives in our latest CSR report.


2023 CSR report

CSR Report 1st (2)