Frequently Asked Questions

Use, settings, winterization, maintenance, error messages and alarms: find answers to the most commonly asked questions surrounding Polytropic swimming pool heat pumps.


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The serial number of your machine is required for the Customer Care team to perform a reliable pre-diagnosis and answer your question!

The serial number can be found on the back of your machine, on the nameplate, under the barcode.

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The user interface of your Polytropic swimming pool heat pump is available in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch.

Find out how to change the language easily:

Find out how to set the time in the control interface in video. Your Polytropic swimming pool heat pump have

a colour touch screen? 
a black and white LCD screen]

Control remotely all the parameters via the free app for smartphone or tablet.

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> Your Polytropic swimming pool heat pump has a black and white LCD screen: the temperature can be simply set by pressing the “arrow up” and “arrow down” buttons.


> Your Polytropic swimming pool heat pump has a colour touchscreen: you can change the set temperature of your pool water:

Selection of the operating mode and setting of the water temperature vidéo:

Once the desired temperature has been reached, you can program the daily filtration time according to your habits (8 to 10 hours per day minimum during the season).

The heat pump will automatically switch on when necessary. The minimum running time varies according to the period of use.

However, if the water temperature in the pool is decreasing while the machine is running continuously, increase the daily operating time of your filtration.

Note: don’t forget to cover your pool when not in use to limit heat loss.

An uncovered pool loses four times more energy than a covered pool!


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The warm up of your swimming pool water temperaure depends on the heat pump model, the size of your pool, its exposure, its location and the weather conditions in your region…!

Anyway, we recommend:

> cover the pool with an isothermic cover,

> run the filter pump and the heat pump continuously until the desired temperature is reached (2 days to a week depending on the weather and geographical conditions),

> adjust the flow rate during the temperature rise, and again at the end of the rise.




Proceed to winterization of your Polyropic swimming pool heat pump at the end of the season:

> Switch off the power to the pool heat pump by turning down the circuit breaker on the electrical box

> Close the upstream and downstream bypass valves,

> Drain the exchanger to prevent any risk of damage due to the frost: drain all the water contained in the exchanger tank by disconnecting the machine inlet and outlet (leaving the fittings unscrewed),

> Cover the machine with the winter cover (supplied or optional depending on the model) or a waterproof cover in order to spend the winter well protected!

To start up your pool heat pump at the beginning of the swimming season:

> Isolate your heat pump from the filtration circuit: close the valves upstream and downstream of the bypass,

> Open fully the control valve,

> Proceed with all the usual initial operations (filling, treatment, washing the filter…),

> Turn on the filter pump,

> Turn on the heat pump, select BOOST mode, set the temperature, open the valves and set the water flow rate,

> Cover the swiming pool with an isothermic cover,

> Run the filter pump and the heat pump continuously until the desired temperature is reached (2 days to a week depending on the climatic and geographical conditions)

> Adjust the flow rate during the temperature rise and then at the end of the rise.

Note: the time it takes for the temperature to rise depends considerably on the exposure of the pool to the wind, the sun and the nature of its environment…

Important: before any maintenance operation, the heat pump must be completely stopped for few minutes before connecting pressure controllers. This is because high pressure and temperature inside the heat pump could be harmful.

Please check the following on a monthly basis:
· Check and clean the evaporator (with a soft brush or water jet).
Do not use high pressure cleaner.
· Check all electrical and ground connections.
· Check that all electrical connections and terminals are securely connected.
· Check gas pressure (when heat pump is stopped, manometer must indicate a pressure higher than 0.5)

Please check the following points yearly:
· Check settings.
· Check securities.
· Check all electrical connections and ground.
· Check condenser cleanliness.
· Use soft soap and water to clean the heat pump casing.
Do not use solvents

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Error messages and alerts

Warning: first check that the filtration pump is working properly.

See the video: “What to do in case of AL10 High Pressure error”

See the video: “What to do in case of a no water flow message”?


Warning: first check that the filtration pump is working properly.

Your black & white LCD screen pool heat pump displays the FLO message? See the video “What to do if the FLO message is displayed”:

What to do if you get an error message Electronic problem/overheating :


> Turn off the power supply to the appliance for 5 to 10 minutes,


> Check that it is correctly ventilated and that the air flow is not blocked or slowed down,


> Turn the machine back on,


> Contact technical support for verification.







When switching on the machine or changing from cold / hot / auto mode, a timeout of 2-3 minutes is normal.

It is also possible that the water in your pool is already at temperature. Check the set temperature:





Are you looking for the user manual for your Polytropic heat pump? Provide the serial number of your machine in the Search my instructions handbook section for browsing or download.

Like any refrigeration appliance, the pool heat pump produces condensate (condensation water) which must be drained off.

In addition, a thin layer of frost can form on the back of the machine and produce a flow when it melts.

This indicates that your heat pump is functioning normally.

This is a mixture of glycerine and water which is necessary for the proper functioning of the pressure gauge and to protect it from vibration. The air bubble inside is necessary to absorb the expansion of the glycerine.

Le manomètre d'une pompe à chaleur Polytropic

An evaporation, which may look like smoke (water steam), can be observed during a defrosting cycle. This indicates that your heat pump is operating normally.

Attention: however, if the defrosting cycle is not in progress and the smoke is significant, contact the technical support.


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!






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