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Certifications, warranties and After sales

To be certain to guarantee you optimum quality and strength, our products are subjected to a multitude of tests. And because we are convinced of their durability, we offer warranties and a developed After-Sales network.

To allow you to check our quality commitments, our products are validated by certified labels.


How do you choose your heat pump?

To correctly choose your heat pump, you must take a multitude of parameters into consideration: your pool size, geographical location, use conditions, etc.

Polytropic helps professionals bring THE suitable and customised solution to their customers. We have developed the Aquavariation software for you. This software is used to estimate the heat pump energy consumption to meet your customers’ needs.


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A developed After-Sales network

Polytropic has selected over 80 technical stations in France and around 90 more in Spain, Germany, Benelux, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Sustainable solutions

As a designer-manufacturer, Polytropic has an eco-responsible policy and proposes alternatives to existing technology.

Choosing your heat pump

We have developed thermodynamic calculation software so that you can choose the heat pump the best suited to your project