Sustainable solutions

The pools of the future are eco-responsible

The global environmental impact of heat pumps is currently the focus of concerns.

As a designer-manufacturer, Polytropic has an eco-responsible policy and proposes alternatives to existing technology.

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European regulations

The European F-Gas regulations impose the reduction of HFC coolants with a high global warming potential. Currently, the R410A used is targeted by these regulations.

Polytropic has therefore anticipated by using new coolants on its machines that are much less harmful and just as effective!


Refrigerants with no impact on the ozone layer

R32 appears as the “natural” replacement. This is why POLYTROPIC has included the INVERTER technology in its entire heat pump offer.

R32 has the advantage of having a low impact on the ozone layer and of being easier to recycle. At equal power, it is 5 to 7% more efficient than R410A and requires less fluid. Finally, R32 has a global warming potential of 675 compared to 2088 for R410A.

To go even further in this vision, Polytropic integrates R290 in its offer. The R290 is an excellent alternative to HFC fluids because its impact on the environment is even lower and it has excellent thermodynamic properties. Propane, as a refrigerant gas, is not affected by any restrictions limiting its use in industrial environments.


Our contribution to reforestation

As a major player in the swimming pool industry at the European level, we are committed to participating in a solidarity and environmental protection project for future generations.

That’s why we have set a partnership with a non-profit official association with registered charity status: Planète Urgence. For any purchase at Polytropic, you contribute to a program of reforestation and protection of populations.

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Our strengths

At POLYTROPIC, we have a daily commitment to provide a solution to all requests from professionals, even the most specific, and to satisfy private customers.

Our certifications

The reliability of Polytropic products is validated by certified labels and recognised by our customers who have been loyal for 15 years.

Our selection software

We have developed thermodynamic calculation software so that you can choose the heat pump the best suited to your pool: The AQUAVARIATION software