These brackets are designed to leave enough space between the wall and the heat pump

These brackets are specially designed for the overhead installation of a heat pump, which has numerous advantages. They raise the heat pump from the ground, do not require concrete slabs, protect it from rain, snow and plant debris, and leave the necessary clearance between the wall and the heat pump.

Supplied with 4 anti-vibration pads.


Code AO0100002

With a spirit level for easy installation. Dim. 780 x 550 x 375 mm. Thickness 1.8 mm
For Master-Inverter XXS / XS / S and S+, Advance XS / S, Indoor S, Crypopac, PacSPA


Code AO0100001

Dim. 850 x 550 x 400 mm. Thickness 2 mm
For Master-Inverter M / XM / L and L+, Advance M and XM


Incompatible with RAK, Indoor XM, and Green Pac