Connect my heat pump in Wi-Fi with IOS

Throughout this process make sure you are close to the Heat Pump !

How to in video

You want to pair your Polytropic 2022 full-Inverter swimming pool heat pump with your smartphone and use all the features of the PolyConnect app? Follow all the steps in video!

Step 1 :

Open the electrical terminal hatch and press 10 seconds on the Wi-Fi module and then close the hatch.

CAUTION: The machine must remain powered, do not touch the electrical terminal and the electrical cables.


Step 2 :

Go to the phone settings and access the Wi-Fi menu.


Step 3 :

Connect to the Wi-Fi Network « PAC Inverter » or « MytechConnect».


Step 4 :

  • A web page automatically opens
  • If it doesn’t open copy this link http://10.10. 0.1 in your web page (Safari) while being connected to « PAC Inverter » or « MytechConnect ».

Step 5 :

Select the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect your heat pump.


Step 6 :

  • After a few seconds the connection will be validated with the message «Success» or by the automatic closure of the Web page.
  • If the Wi-Fi password is not correct the message “fail” will appear.

Step 7 :

Return to the app and your heat pump will be connected in Wi-Fi, Now you can control it from your phone.