INDOOR the invisible pool heat pump!

Les bénéfices de la pompe à chaleur Indoor : on ne voit pas de pompe à chaleur

Make your pool heating disappear!

Discretion, aesthetics and silence guaranteed for this pool heat pump to be installed inside the pool house.

Invisible, this exclusive pool heat pump disappears from the landscape. No need to hide it!

No more sound level problems: installed in your pool house which acts as sound insulation, the machine is almost inaudible from the outside.

No more wintering problems as the machine is in a frost free location, wintering is simpler and the heat pump no longer suffers from bad weather.

Width of less than 80 cm: the machine is designed to pass through a “standard” door for installation inside an existing technical room, ideal for refurbishment.

Variable speed fan controlled by a pressure sensor on the evaporator:

“self-adapting” air flow to always have a minimum air flow (the lowest possible sound level) while maintaining sufficient heating power,

–the flow adapts automatically depending on the weather conditions but also in the event of load loss (if the installation requires a specific grate, an extra duct, etc.)

Several hydraulic connections:

You will always have a solution to install the INDOOR heat pump whatever the technical room specificities.

shema instal Indoor-3 shema instal Indoor-2   schéma INDOOR POLYTROC
Examples of installations in technical rooms with wall or roof extractors – Installation accessories available on order

For more technical information or to view the demo video: click here