New live video assistance!

Polytropic’s Customer Support service, already a hit with professionals, has this season added a new support tool: live assistance via cell phone.

Polytropic Customer Support offers its professional and private customers “Live” visual assistance via smartphone: this connected after-sales service solution enables POLYTROPIC technicians to view the problem encountered by the professional on the site in real time from their screens, and to exchange information via a secure chat area. With a simple click, a traditional call becomes an interactive session of precise guidance, thanks to screen sharing, photo-taking, live annotation, video, document transmission, etc.

All data is stored and summarized in a transmitted report, and progress is monitored in real time to maximize technical support efficiency.

This also provides maximum autonomy, much in demand by private customers, by enabling them to diagnose and resolve malfunctions themselves, receive technical documentation and get in direct contact with our team of expert technicians.

This makes assistance – even with a poor connection, thanks to a “light” mode – even simpler and more effective!