Research & Product Development

Le banc de test

POLYTROPIC pool heat pumps are developed by our teams in France.

Our engineers continuously test the operation of the heat pumps on the test bench in operating ranges from -20 °C to 50 °C according to a precise protocol in order to ensure the performance of all models, to make the most of the technology – especially Inverter – and to develop new, even more efficient products!

POLYTROPIC tests and measurement accuracy

☑️ Data acquisition software

Simultaneous monitoring of several data curves and easy test reports.

☑️ Refrigerated simulation box

Simulation of pool pac operation in winter conditions regardless of the season, temperature and humidity control

☑️ Pressure and temperature sensors

Real-time monitoring of the machine’s refrigeration cycle, saving data in the database, increasing the accuracy of measurements

☑️ Flow detector by an electromagnetic flow meter

even more accuracy and increased performance

☑️ Water inlet/outlet temperature sensors by paired PT100 sensors

calibration over a smaller range for even greater accuracy

☑️ Air temperature and hygrometry probes in air inlet

greater measurement finesse and more accurate reading

Adapted power + better COP + better management of undercooling and overheating + optimization of exchangers = even more performance!