The Full INVERTER pool heat pump by POLYTROPIC

La pompe à chaleur piscine Master Inverter

Control your heating silently!

Guaranteed discretion for this pool heat pump fitted with Full-Inverter technology

  • Inverter technology makes it possible to automatically adapt the compressor and fan rotation speed to your pool heating needs and to weather conditions.

The result: an even more silent heat pump with an optimised output (COP).

  • Very low sound levels.
  • COP: increased by up to 40%.
  • Optimised management of your 100% automated heating.
  • 3 running modes: Boost, Smart-Silent and Eco.
  • Boost mode: 100% power to raise your pool temperature quickly and effectively.
  • Smart-Silent mode: automatic power adjustment depending on the water temperature to guarantee low sound levels and a high COP.
  • ECO mode: When the pool is nearly at the required temperature, this mode prioritises energy savings while lowering sound levels even more.
  • “Soft” start, no compressor intensity peak.
  • Titanium exchanger with injected PVC body.


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