Regulation NF EN 17645 : 2022 – An environmental regulation

La norme NF EN 17645

The Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals – FPP – what is it?

The Fédération des Professionnels de la Piscine (FPP) is the “first Federation in Europe and the only one representative in France”. It brings together companies from the entire swimming pool industry and currently has 1310 companies specialising in this sector. The FPP’s mission is to “unite French pool and spa professionals to promote the sustainable and innovative development of the market (economic, environmental and societal)”.

The environmental regulation

At the beginning of 2018, the FPP (Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals) is looking into the creation of a reference standard in France. In the process, the FPP is working with AFNOR on the creation of a French standard and then on a European standard. From these work sessions, the NF EN 17645: 2022 regulation was born.

The standard NF EN 17645: 2022 – Private swimming pools for family use – Environmental performance efficiency – Performance evaluation, methodology and classification of the use of outdoor swimming pools and their equipment – covers the pool in its entirety: water, lighting, filtration, piping, heating, etc. The draft standard provides for labelling of all equipment to assess their efficiency. This labelling takes into account the coefficients for the establishment of an energy rating between A and F. This energy rating includes the SCOP (Seasonal Performance Coefficient), which allows the performance of heat pumps to be compared under the same conditions.

When purchasing a swimming pool, the pool specialist must provide the customer with an overall document. This document summarises the overall performance of the pool and all its equipment, as well as its annual consumption in order to provide the customer with an estimate of the cost of the pool.

Polytropic, its role in the creation of this standard

Polytropic, as a major actor and specialist in the pool market, took part in the creation of this European standard. Our Technical Director, Fabrice GRANIER, in charge of the working group on the heating part, actively participated in the various calculations and tests for the creation of this new European standard.

Aware of environmental issues, we have been striving for several years to develop products that are increasingly respectful of the values we promote and the expectations and needs of our customers. As a designer and manufacturer specialising in heat pumps, we are committed to meeting the regulatory requirements in force, but above all to going beyond them!