Why to choose the Inverter technology?

Une pompe à chaleur Master Inverter

“By optimizing the operation of the compressor and fan, the Inverter (or Full-Inverter) technology reduces the power consumption, noise level and potential damages to components of the pool heat pump

Contrary to conventional on/off heat pumps, i.e. operating at either full power or not at all, an Inverter heat pump modulates its operation. With the Inverter technology, the compressor and the fan operate at variable speeds, which avoids peaks of intensity. The heat pump adjusts its working speed according to the real needs of the pool.

“Adjusting the electrical frequency allows the motor speed to be adjusted and the power to be varied. The heat pump being designed for full power working mode is oversized when the speed is reduced: its performance is significantly improved compared to the heating needs, with higher COP (Coefficient Of Performance),” adds Jean-Christophe Fillot, General Manager of POLYTROPIC.



R32 Inverter pool heat pump

Master-Inverter: POLYTROPIC’s R32 Inverter pool heat pump, available in 8 capacities from 6 kw to 28 kw to adapt to different pool sizes, is extremely quiet and operates from -15°C.


Why you should choose the Inverter technology

Admittedly more expensive to buy initially, the Inverter technology is proving to be a source of many advantages:

– Energy saving: between 30 to 40% per year, compared to a conventional Heat-pump;

– Reduced noise level: noise pollution is reduced due to the slower fan speed. At low revs, the sound level can drop below 25 dB at 10 meters;

– Increased lifetime: due to the soft start, components are less stressed, and potential damage is reduced;

– Peace of mind: once the set temperature has been selected, the heat pump operates on its own and adjusts itself automatically;

– Better COP: the Inverter technology allows higher COPs to be obtained, on average around 7 (air 15°C / water 26°C) or more! It means, for a COP of 7, the power output is 7 times higher than the electrical power consumed by the Heat-pump and the higher the COP, the more efficient the device is!



A sustainable technological choices

In addition to Inverter technology, the use of R32 refrigerant, which is more efficient and environmentally friendly than R410A, traditionally used in the past ten years.

Within a heat pump, the refrigerant plays an essential role in the heat exchange between air and water. Each fluid is classified according to its Global Warming Potential (GWP). Within the framework of the European regulation EC 517/2014, by 2025, the use of fluids with GWP (Global Warming Power) less than 750 will be mandatory for all heat pump type appliances. With an RPG = 675, R32 has a more limited impact on the environment than R410a (RPG = 2088). Easier to recycle, the R32 also saves 10% of the gas volume for the same performance.



Inverter heat pump

Whereas other machines simply regulate power, COP and noise level when the water is at 28°C, POLYTROPIC’s Master-Inverter heat pump cross-references the ambient and water temperature data in order to continuously adjust the power required to maintain the water temperature of your pool.


 “To remain one step ahead, we are already working on R290 (propane gas) with an RPG of less than 100 and therefore classified as neutral. It has no action on the ozone layer but is highly flammable. We are therefore looking to add additional security systems, such as leak detectors before launching the first product of this type next year,” says Jean-Christophe Fillot. »


Extract from the Special Edition of Profession Paysagiste July-August-September 2019 magazine


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